My Philosophy

Taxidermy immortalizes the animal's spirit and preserves your hunting memories for generations. A good taxidermist will bring your trophy back to life with true-to-life detail.

Our Approach

Quality taxidermy starts with quality materials. I only use the best mannikin forms, glues, and tools available to ensure your mount looks great and lasts for generations.



Meet the Team

Nate does most of the heavy lifting, cutting, and sewing. But when a project is too big for one person...

...Esther steps in to help. Any taxidermist worth his salt knows the value of a good assistant!

Nate Allred

Nathan Allred

Owner / Operator

Nate graduated taxidermy school in 2013. His greatest passion in life is the outdoors, especially bowhunting, camping, and fishing.

Esther Allred


Esther also loves the outdoors and adventure. She is also an accomplished musician.